Components for Mobility area and its characteristics


Trim NW is a manufacturer of moulded parts for automotive interiors with more than 4 decades of cumulated know-how, which came from the acquisition Ipetex’s businesses and technologies.


Trim NW demand, together with its customers, the best solutions that add value to the level of comfort and design, while introducing products that optimize the production process. Its strengths are the introduction of different types of finishing materials and technical & technological capacity to shape different structural materials.

The Mobility market of Trim NW, which is distributed almost everywhere in Europe, passing by small series: ATV (class L7), cars, tractors and agricultural.

The use of Textiles as a Finishing Material is our brand image

Automotive Interior Components
We are a Recognized Partner for:
  • Interior  moulded components development and production;
  • Different capacities Adaptability;
  • Development phase intervention.

This versatility and adaptability allow us to be the leading European supplier for small cars, without license.

Recently, Trim NW 
has been focusing on developing new components for Electric Urban Vehicle (EUV). He have already achieved a significant market share, due to the advantages already described, but also because Trim NW's concern in use Environmentally Friendly Materials, recycled and recyclable.

Trim NW provides a wide range of products such as Headliners, Carpets, Dashboards, Pillars, Door Panels and Medallions, Wheel Arches, Parcel Shelves, Insulators, etc,.


Cabin Components